In-Home Lactation Consult

+ One FREE Follow-Up Consult*

Nipple pain? Latching issues? Engorged? Worried about baby's weight? ...

I can help you in the comfort of your own home!

Prior to your appointment, I will connect with you and learn more about your situation and screen for COVID-19. Ideally your support person will also be present for your visit (or we can get connected online).

During your consult, we will review your health and birth history as well as your goals. We will work through your challenges and come up with a plan of care together. After our visit, I will provide *one FREE Follow-Up Consult (via a HIPAA compliant online video platform) between 2-7 days after our first visit together. In the meantime, you will have access to my professional support via email or text.

$200 for a 2 hour Initial Consult + one 30-45 minute Follow-Up Consult

New health plans are required to cover:

  • comprehensive breastfeeding support / counseling (prenatally and for the duration of breastfeeding)

  • breastfeeding equipment & supplies

WITHOUT cost-sharing!

No co-payment, no co-insurance, no deductible!

Check out the National Women’s Law Center's toolkit HERE!

Kate Carothers BSN, RN, IBCLC

📧 email:

☎️ phone: (715) 828-4115

📠 fax: (715) 309-5549